Alamo Driving School - Driver Training in Schertz, Texas
Alamo Driving School is Your Key to Safe Driving!


Makoto Morozumi - "Thanks for the wonderful training. There was a lot of information to absorb and fortunately, I was able to give everything my full attention. Thanks for everything."

Suk Kim - "I had a great time in your Driver Improvement Course. The instructor made my learning to drive experience a pleasant one. Thanks for your patients with me."

Pat Coyne - "The personality of the instructor and his presentation of the class room material established an excellent comfort zone which was conducive to learning. I didnt realize how much I didn't know coming into class. I feel empowered."

Kyla Kosednar - "Thank you for the great training. I really enjoyed your class. I just received both my Defensive Driving Certificate and my Behind-The-Wheel Certificate! As you suggested, I will use my Behind-The-Wheel Certificate for my auto insurance deduction. Thanks so much."

Tawna Keitt - "I just took your Driver Improvement Course; I must say that you not only made it enjoyable, but informative. I would whole heartedly recommend your Defensive Driving Course to anyone wishing to improve on their safe driving techniques. I had a wonderful instructor, great course. Thank you again."



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